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Paint by numbers free event on 16th Street Mall Activa


The mission of Unit E is to enrich Denver’s arts and cultural sector through the development of individuals and community-based projects. By facilitating opportunities for artists and organizations to learn, grow, and thrive, we will continue to build on Denver’s reputation as a national and international leader in the arts.


  • To provide resources to artists and musicians for professional development

  • To develop local artists’ skills and artistic output to a level of broader acclaim and recognition

  • To create opportunities for artists to make a financially viable, sustainable living making art

  • To pioneer a new business infrastructure for the modern music industry

  • To bring more jobs in the music industry directly to our community 


Unit E was founded in 2011 as an art and cultural space in the historic Art District on Santa Fe. From its initial launch as a physical space up through today as a community-minded production and events operation, Unit E has been successful in its mission to provide opportunities for diverse forms of art and creativity to reach their full potential. Producing a multitude of concerts, bazaars, workshops, art exhibitions, music recordings and more, Unit E is often referenced as a fundamental catalyst for creating the current generation of local creatives.


In 2020, Unit E is poised to continue pioneering the arts and cultural sector and have developed a new model to ensure the long-term success of arts as an industry. By providing professional development resources, technical training, mentorship, and employment opportunities to artists that compliment their artistic craft, we will create a local economy that is adaptable, sustainable, and equitable. The success of this new vision will result in a new type of creative individual; one who has a diverse skill set and can work on the production-side of the arts as well as the content creation side. 

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