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Greggory Ziemba | Executive Director

Gregg Ziemba

At age fourteen, Gregg began teaching drum lessons and putting on concerts for the neighborhood kids out of his parents basement in southwest Denver. Eighteen years later, Gregg’s profession and passion are still the same -- but the venues have gotten much more prestigious. Gregg is a highly sought after drummer who has toured all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada with acts such as Rubedo, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Authority Zero, B Dolan, and two-time Grammy award-winning keyboardist Isaiah “Ikey” Owens. He teaches promising Colorado musicians at Arapahoe Community College and the American Music School. Gregg’s “Do It Yourself” ethos, positive attitude, and life experience have made him an indispensable asset to the Denver arts community.


Thadeaous Mighell

With nearly fifteen years experience in the development and management of arts, cultural, and entertainment ventures, Thadeaous is exceptionally talented in the development and execution of large-scale programs, as well as fundraising and donor cultivation. He maintains a very close relationship with Colorado creatives, and has been a regular organizer and mentor for the local art community for the last seven years.  In addition to Unit E DIY Space, Thadeaous also contributes independently on projects that elevate the Latinx Arts and Culture community with partners such as Latino Cultural Arts Center, the Mexican Heritage Museum, Understudy, and Birdseed Collective.

Luke Trujillo, JR. | Development Manager


Coming from music production world, Luke Trujillo Jr. brings over a decade of experience to our team and countless resources from his time working in the field. From booking international acts to negotiating contracts, Luke's tenure in the professional music world is an invaluable asset to Unit E that other organizations do not have. A Denver native, Luke is heavily invested in elevating our community and providing them with skills that will enable them to compete at a national level. His relationships with influential industry professionals provides a compass for Unit E to ensure we stay up-to-date and competitive in the arts and entertainment market. 

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